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On top of the photo on the first page of this site you will find "Menu". Once you click on menu all the categories will apear. Click on the option you want to open and pick the event you want to view.                                                                                                                                                                                                               This part of the site contains the order form and also the prices for each size photo. Larger size photos are available and price quotes will be given upon request.

Order form supplied on this site should be used to place orders and submitted to me for processing. The order form can only be mailed to me for processing. It can't be transmitted from this site.

When ordering photos please list the school, sport, team (varsity,JV), opponent, size of each photo being ordered, and number of each photo requested.

Photos on this website are the property of Don Herb Photography and any attempt to copy or reproduce them is an infringement on the copyrights and are punishable to the full extent of the federal law.


I am a freelance photographer and not funded by any school district. I rely on the sale of my photographs from this site to compensate me to purchase new equipment and provide you with quality photos to long remember this exciting time in life. It has been my pleasure for over 35 years to provide this service and also been associated with these student athletes.

Don Herb
t/a Don Herb Photography

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